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For In-Sump use only.

Dimensions: 9.8" x 12.2" x 22.6" (L*W*H)
High quality cast acrylic body for maximum durability.

Cone shape, 9"diameter at bottom
Pump: EHEIM 1262 110V 39Watt
Highly Efficient & Reliable
Supplied with Needlewheel.
Highly Efficient & Reliable

Air intake: 1050 LPH

Light Bio-load: 450 Gallons
Medium Bio-load: 400 Gallons
Heavy Bio-load: 315 Gallons

Minimum water depth: 6”.
For optimum performance 220-CS2 should be submerged in 9.5”-11” of water.



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26 Gal.FBHEX Acrylic Tank 36"x 12"x 16"Tall

Model 26FBH clear acrylic aquarium includes light hood, fluorescent light fixture and lifetime ...

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60 Gal. Rectangular Acrylic Tank 48"x 15"x 20"Tall

Model 60G clear acrylic aquarium includes light hood, fluorescent light fixture and lifeti...

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55 Gal. Rectangular Acrylic Tank 48"x 13"x 20"Tall

Model 55S clear acrylic aquarium includes light hood, fluorescent light fixture and lifetime wa...

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300 Gal Rectangular Acrylic Tank 96"x 24"x 30"Tall

Model 300T clear acrylic aquarium includes 3 light hoods, fluorescent light fixtures and l...

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Penguin BIO-Wheel 200 Power Filter - up to 50 gal.

Join the millions of other demanding aquarists that have chosen Penguin filters with complete, ...

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Bio Wheel Assembly for Penguin 170 Filter
This is the Bio-Wheel for the Penguin 170. The Bio-Wheel bracket is sold separately.
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KIS - 125, Reef Filter 24"x12.5"x16"

The KIS (Keep It Simple) Reef Filters are designed specifically for reef aquariums where a...

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Eclipse Two Acrylic Aquarium 24 x 12 x 24 Tall

These Clear-for-Life Acrylic Aquariums are specifically designed for use with the MARINELAND EC...

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Activated Carbon for Aqua Clear 20 and Mini - 3 pk
Remove odors and impurities easily with activated carbon. The three carbon filter inserts in this pa...
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60-75 Gal. MS Maple Stand 48"x15"x30"Tall
Simple and elegant lines of the Mission Style these maple stands are 30" tall. S...
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40-50-55 Gal. Laminate Stand 36" x 15" x 30"Tall

Laminate stand is 30 inches tall. Formica is laminated onto quality vaneer plywood. Square corn...

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Contempo Acrylic 95 Gal. 25" X 25" X 30" Tall
All the acrylic stands are 30” tall and are made with the highest quality domestic cast acrylic. Des...
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40-50-55 Gal. MS Maple Stand 36"x15"x30"Tall
Simple and elegant lines of the Mission Style these maple stands are 30" tall. S...
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Aquarium Sealant 3oz (Perfecto)
Aquarium sealant repairs leaky aquariums, builds small aquariums and repairs broken ornaments....
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API Freshwater Master Test Kit
The Freshwater master Test Kit is a fast, easy, and accurate test kit. Kit tests for pH, High Range ...
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24" Mini Jelliquarium Acrylic System

The Mini-Jelliquarium ACRYLIC SYSTEM is our most popular and least expensive complete jell...

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30" In-Wall Jelliquarium System for Jellyfish

The 30" Jelliquarium In-Wall System is our least expensive and smallest home or office jel...

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Polyp & Ephyra Combo w/ Filter System 24"

Independent and Inexpensive. This complete SYSTEM simplifies the seperation of free swimming ju...

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Cartridge Penguin 160,170,300,330,200,350- 1 Pak

Each preassembled Penguin Filter Cartridge filters aquarium water through a double thick polyfi...

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Foam Insert for Aqua Clear 50 and 200 - 3 pk
Remove larger particles of fish waste and other debris before it clogs your chemical and biological ...
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AquaClear 30 Power Filter - 20 to 30 gallons

The AquaClear 30 ( old 150 ) provides biological, chemical and mechanical filtration and w...

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Impeller Assembly for Emperor 280 Filter

This is the replacement Impeller Assembly for the Emperor 280 by Marineland.

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Pump Motor Assembly for Eclipse Two

Replacement pump motor assembly for the PFE-2 / Eclipse Two by Marineland.

NOTE th...

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Penn Plex Aquarium Net - 6 in.
The 6 inch quick net is sturdy and strong for fast, safe fish catching. Vinyl covered, extra long ha...
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65 Gal. CS Oak Stand 36" X 18" X 30"Tall

The CS Series is a modern design that combines wood with matte black MDF.  CS Oak sta...

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Pirates Shipwreck Bubbler - 5.5 in. x 2.75 x 3.25
Only sharks are left to explore the inner reaches of this sunken pirate galleon. A sunken treasure c...
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Aqua Tongs 34" - ESU
With its large 34" grip, Coralife Aqua Tongs are a great tool for preventing contaminatio...
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40-50-55 Gal. LS Oak Stand 36" X 15" X 30" TALL

LS Oak Cabinet Stand is 30" tall. Premium Oak veneer with radiused edg...

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1/2 Inch Bulkhead
This 1/2" bulkhead has a threaded throat on the front flange end. The back end will accept...
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Amquel, dechlorinator - 16 ounces

Amquel protects aquarium and pond fishes and invertebrates by quickly eliminating in a true, si...

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24" Mini Jelliquarium Maple Cabinet System

The 24" Mini-Jelliquarium CABINET SYSTEM is our smallest and least expensive complete jell...

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32" Cherrywood Traditional style Jelliquarium

The 32" Jelliquarium Cherrywood Traditional series one of our most recent freestandin...

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48"x12" Jelliquarium In-Wall System

The 48" Jelliquarium In-Wall System is the most popular of our home or office jellyfish di...

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24" Coral Frag Growing System

This complete coral frag grow-out system consists of a 24" square tank that is 12" ta...

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Ebo Jager Heater 17" 250W
With a new improved design, this automatic aquarium heater is for both fresh and saltwater aqu...
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24" Mini Jelliquarium Tank Only

The 24" Mini-Jelliquarium TANK-ONLY is our most compact and least expensive operational&nb...

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